RWDSU Slams Walmart’s Reported Bribery, Calls for Immediate Investigation into Walmart

RWDSU Slams Walmart’s Reported Bribery in Mexico, Connects it to Duplicitous New York City Campaign of “Philanthropy” and “Lobbying”, and Calls for Immediate Investigation into Walmart

Stuart Appelbaum, President of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), UFCW, made the following statement today:

The front page story in Sunday’s New York Times documenting Walmart’s brazen efforts to bribe its way into Mexico has immediate implications for New York City. Bribery is Walmart’s growth strategy: the company spread money around in order to accelerate its entrance into Mexico and flouted laws, regulations, and public procedures. Something similar has happened here: Walmart has spent millions on “philanthropy” and “lobbying” to enter New York City in the past couple of years. These so-called donations and contributions have been the core of Walmart’s campaign to break into this coveted urban market. Walmart has used private meetings to make its pitch to real-estate developers and other power brokers, after refusing to attend City Council hearings and community board meetings where it knew its record as the great destroyer of good jobs and communities would be scrutinized in public. Walmart’s campaign to enter the five boroughs has stalled in recent months as opposition has grown, but New Yorkers have a right to know what Walmart has done-and spent-to buy its way into the city. How many checks were cut that have yet to be disclosed?

RWDSU calls on Walmart and the Walton Family to reveal all the spending attached to its current campaign to enter New York City, and asks local government to investigate Walmart’s financial records in New York more closely in light of today’s disturbing New York Times story.